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Join Our Network and Use Learnball®

To join Learnball League and order The Learnball Classroom Guide and other Learnball materials, print out a copy of the

Membership Application

and mail it, with payment to:

Learnball League® International®
P.O. Box 18221
Pleasant Hills, PA 15236-0221

To implement Learnball, you will need the following materials.

The Learnball Classroom Guide - Each member receives a copy of The Guide and an official Learnball Teamwork foam ball as part of League membership. The Guide contains directions written as speeches which the teacher and students read aloud to explain exactly what, when, and how Learnball steps must be done. Each teacher using Learnball needs The Classroom Guide for daily use as a reference. (To obtain The Guide and Official ball.)

Learnball: Origins and Rationale - This book gives an in-depth knowledge of the underlying psychological and sociological principles of Learnball. One copy of Origins can be circulated among several members on a faculty and maintained in the library or school office. The League strongly recommends that all members read Origins to internalize the major concepts that make Learnball effective. Origins contains a chapter on the evolution of Learnball, a chapter citing the rationale for Learnball (complete with sources), a chapter on the roles of the teacher, principal and student in Learnball, and a chapter by the writers of the book detailing their use of Learnball. (To obtain Origins)

Hoop (to use with official Learnball Teamwork foam ball)- This can be purchased at local toy stores. The League recommends a plastic hoop with break-away rim. They range in price from approximately $30.00 to $60.00. The hard plastic ball that comes with the set should be discarded. In addition, do not purchase the metal hoops for classroom use.